Attention, je chronique aussi bien des disques recents que des vieux 
          disques, car il est possible qu'en lisant mes lignes, vous decouvriez 
          des trucs que vous n'auriez pas ecouté sans cela... enjoy!'s 'Woo Hoo / Guitar date' EP's 'Bomb the Twist / it's Rainy' EP's 'i'm Blue / i'm a wild one' EP AGRESSION 'don't be mistaken' LP AMERICAN HEARTBREAK 'Postcards From Hell / You Will Not Be Getting Paid!' 2LP ATAQUE FRONTAL 's/t' EP BIKINI KILL 'S/t' LP BLACK MARKET CRASH - Broken Ballads CD BORED TO DEATH 'music is a conspiracy' demo BREAKDOWN 'demo87' EP CANTAKEROUS 's/t' EP the CHEEPS 's/t' LP CLASH 'Super Black market clash' CD CLASH 'i'm not down' LP COLOMBIAN NECKTIES 'take away' LP CRAMPS 'psychedelic jungle' LP CRASS 'Station of the Crass' 2LP DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNER 'searching for young soul rebels' LP DIE 'i hope you die' EP DISCIPLINE 'Downfall of the Workin Man' LP the DISTRACTIONS 'caling all radios' LP DOWN AND AWAY 'rising up' EP the DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT 's/t' LP FATALS 'S/t' EP HATEPINKS 'parasite like me' LP HAYMAKER 'it only get worse' LP the HUNCHES 'Lisa told me' EP HOLY CURSE 'Bluer than red' CD HUSKER DU 'zen arcade' 2LP INTENSE YOUTH 'Self Destruct' EP JUST WENT BLACK 'Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World' EP KNUCKLEHEAD 'Cosmetic Youth' EP LEE SCRATCH PERRY AND THE UPSETTERS 'Cloak and Dagger' LP LEFTOVER CRACK 'Fuck World Trade' LP the LOCUST 's/t' LP MDC 'Millions of Dead Cops' LP METEORS 'Wreckin'Crew' LP NEW TOWN ANIMALS 'Cori St - 'Spin So Fast' EP OPERATORS 'Self-titled' CD POINTING FINGER 'Best Bruises collection' CD RAMBO 'Bring it' LP RAMONES 'Joey is a punk' LP RODRIGUEZ 'Black Finger Tips' 10" RUN FOR YOUR FUCKIN LIFE 's/t' LP RUTS 'Stepping Bondage' LP SAY GOOD BYE 'Misanthropy' EP SHAME ACADEMY 'punk rock for dummies' CD SPIT 's/t' EP TEAR IT UP 'Taking you down with me' LP TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS 'Wreckin Ball' EP TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS 'paindealer' EP THE SCARLET LETTER 'Pure Unadulterated Adultery' EP the STRANGLERS 'The Raven' LP TEENGENERATE 'Get action' LP UK SUBS 'Violent State' CD WASTED 'Can't wash off the stains' CD WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES 'No Regrets For Our Youth' EP YOUTH BRIGADE 'Sound and fury' LP ZOOMEN 'S/t' 10" Split RADIO ONE / DIE HUNNS EP Split SUICIDE PARTY / SCARLET LETTER EP Split CRETEENS / BUTTERCUPS EP Split AGHAST-SED NON SATIATA EP Split DEVOID OF FAITH - VOORHEES LP Split APOLLO PROGRAM / SHORT SUPPLY LP Split RETCH / TWIST 'polako ep' EP VA - SNARL OUT EP